TWENTYONEMILES: Migrant struggles and resistance in Belgium, France and Switzerland

May 31, 2010

Fortnightly demo against closed detention centres in Brussels

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On the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, there will be an assembly in Brussels, to create an space for debates and coordination to:
* Reflect on direct interventions against the deportation machine and detention.
* Organise between parties, associations and unions.
* Continue opposition to the creation of a new detention centre at Steenokkerzeel.
More info here.


Sans-papiers march from Paris to Nice

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Throughout May 2010, 100 sans-papiers have marched 1000 km from Paris to Nice for the Africa-France counter-summit. For more info see here.

Hunger strike in Plaisir CRA, near Paris

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There is a hunger strike at the CRA (centre retention administrative, a detention centre for migrants) at Plaisir, to the west of Paris. More info to follow.

May 20, 2010

Rally outside Merkplas detention centre (Belgium), 29th May

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Merkplas is one of 6 detention centres in Belgium. On Saturday 29th May there will be a noise demo outside Merkplas calling for its immediate closure.

May 6, 2010

Paris, May 15th: Day of action for freedom of movement

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 The Mass Action

 The struggle against migration control snakes through to Calais via Paris. At the heart of this city lies the *Gare du Nord*, a Franco-British border and the target for mass action. Several hundred Afghans, most of whom intend to make the journey north to the UK and elsewhere, are currently living a precarious existence in the city, often living in the streets exposed to the elements and to arrest or eviction at the whim of the police. To enforce elitist migration laws, oppressive levels of surveillance are employed at the station: the police are on permanent stand-by, the military patrol the area, and CCTV is pervasive…

This surveillance facilitates the identification and exclusion of those deemed ‘undesirable’ such as ‘illegal’ immigrants who often congregate near the station or  ‘yobs from the surburbs’. These youth are often excluded from participating in major public events by the CRS (public order police) who await them on the platforms and send them back to their areas…

Without the requisite I.D. or travel documents – or the means to pay for the prohibitively high cost of public transport – access to the Eurostar, other international lines, & suburban trains, is denied. Join us in this mass action & fight to reclaim freedom of movement for all!

The March

A march will be taking place in the area around the Gare du Nord and the Gare de l’Est.


 – People will be assembling at 2pm from Jaurès station, a point of food distribution for migrants.

– It will move along Quai de Valmy, where Afghan migrants are living under a bridge, before heading down Rue des Recollets (next to Square Villemin where Afghan migrants were living prior to the eviction).

– We will then be passing the Gare de l’Est, before moving down Boulevard Magenta and passing before the Gare du Nord.

– We will then be moving on to Barbès, before turning towards la Chapelle and rejoining Place de la Rotonde, Jaurès station

The Party

After the march, we will be gathering at the Place de la Rotonde for an evening music, food (free or donation), infostalls and discussion

Debate and discussion

On Sunday 16th, there will be discussion and debates with No Borders activists at CICP, 21 rue Voltaire (venue plans still being finalised).

And don’t forget the Festival of Autonomous Resistance, taking place in
the week leading up to, and over the weekend of, the 15th- 16th May:
(Note: The Festival is not linked to this event).

Other practical info:

Accomodation: If you need accomodation, email noborderparis [at], and you’ll be provided some

Legal support: The legal support number and bust card will be distributed on the day, and a legal briefing will be available on the blog in the coming week

Check the blog for contact info and other details:

Blog at