TWENTYONEMILES: Migrant struggles and resistance in Belgium, France and Switzerland

August 30, 2010

National demos against government xenophobia, 4th Sept, France

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Demos are taking place across France on Saturday 4th September against government xenophobia,including in Paris, Marsailles, Nantes and Lille.

The demos are calling for an end to the politics of scapegoating.

The call-out (in French) is here.


August 24, 2010

31 year old hunger strike dies in France

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Mamadou Gassama, a 31 year old from Mail, had lived in France since 2000. He has been refused visas on several occasions and had been on a hunger strike with 6769 others to demand his regularisation. He died suddenly on Friday 13th August, leaving behind two brothers near Paris.

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