TWENTYONEMILES: Migrant struggles and resistance in Belgium, France and Switzerland

September 19, 2010

Demo against detention centres in Brussels, 26/09/10

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On Sunday 26th September, there will be a demo outside the detention centre at Steenokkerzeel near Brussels. The demo will be calling for the closure of the existing detention centre there, 127bis, and the new one being built, 127ter.

The demo is also in memory of Semira Adamou was killed on 22nd September 1998 during her deportation.

The demo marks the start of the No Border camp in Brussels which is a week long protest camp calling for an end to immigration controls.

Links: | Blockade of 127bis in April 2009 | Construction site of 127ter shut down 25/06/10


September 13, 2010

Arson at Afghan refugee camp in Cherbourg, 12/09/10

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In the early evening of Sunday 12th September several fires were started at a makeshift refugee camp near Cherbourg where around 30 Afgahn refugees were staying. 9 of the 13 tents there were destroyed. The refugees have been rehoused temporarily in some hotels in Cherbourg whilst an investigation has been started. The state prosecutor has said that the fires were “clearly deliberate”.

September 9, 2010

“One year already: we cannot wait for a decision” – demo in Brussels 17/09/10

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The Organisation of Sans-Papier (OSP) are calling for a demo on 17th September called “Already one year: we cannot wait for a decision”. in front of l’Office des Etrangers in Brussels. The demo falls on the first anniversary of the announcement by the Belgian government of a three month regularisation period, and is protesting against the failure of the government to give status to thousands who have been waiting a year for an answer.

Four activists on trial in Tours, 16/09/10

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For having dared to compare the current French government to the Vichy regime in a pamphlet, in regard to its hunting of sans-papiers, four activists are appearing in court in Tours on 16th September, accused of “defamation” by the Interior Minister.

There will be a solidarity demo in front of the court at 1pm on the 16th. More info here

Mobilisation against the “Besson law” across France

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On the 27th September 2010, France’s National Assembly will debate “la loi Besson” (“the Besson law”), which will increase the repression against migrants through measures such as the extension of time in detention.

There is resistance to the “Besson law” across France. In Nord-Pas-de-Calais, for example, a “Collective against the Besson law” has been formed.

September 6, 2010

100 migrants camp in front of l’Office des Etrangers, Brussels

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For several weeks over one hundred migrants, including 30 children, have camped outside the buildings of the World Trade Centre near Brussels nord. Tower Two of the World Trade Centre houses the l’Office des Etrangers (the Foreigners Office).

The migrants have claimed asylum but FEDASIL, the federal agency for the reception of asylum seekers, has said that they cannot help them because they are already at capacity, in contravention of Belgian law. According to the Coordination contres les Rafles, les Expulsions et pour le Regularisation (Coordination against Raids and Deportations and for Regularisation), this argument is complete hypocrisy, since in 2000 there were a much greater number of asylum seekers and they were all housed by FEDASIL. The real problem, according to CRER, is a massive reduction in FEDASIL’s budget which is a result of a political desire to discourage asylum seekers as much as possible.

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