TWENTYONEMILES: Migrant struggles and resistance in Belgium, France and Switzerland

October 29, 2010

Attack on Roma camp in Triel, France

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Around 3am on 28th October, there was a violent attack on Roma families living on a site in Triel, north-west of Paris. 4 armed hooded people drove to the site and stole bags, wallets, documents and money from the inhabitants who were sleeping in their caravans.

The victims called the police several times but they did not come. They then contacted members of the Collectif RomYvelines who contacted the police, who finally came to the site to investigate. The Sous Préfet has said that “all means will be disposed so that the inquiry can shed light on this affair”.


October 25, 2010

Solidarity demo at Frambois detention centre, Switzerland

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On 16/10/10, one week after the revolt inside the detention centre at Frambois (Geneva), 30 people held a solidarity demo outside. They were met by cries from the detainees who joined in with shouts of “solidarity with the sans papiers” , “no border no nation, stop deportation” and “brick by brick, wall by wall, destroy all the prisons”.

Another eviction of Roma in Montreuil last week

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On Wednesday 20th October, the mayor Dominque Voynet evicted a squat occupied by several Roma families in Montreuil, east of Paris, two weeks after cutting their water supply. The squat, in place de la Fraternité in bas-Montreuil, had been there for several years and was supported by the majority of the neighbours. Voynet claimed that she was preempting the prefecture which was going to evict them in the coming days in any case. The police took the families to a house in rue Pierre de Montreuil on the other side of town, thus continuing, according to the Collectif contre la xénophobie, a plan of “ethnic cleansing” of bas-Montreuil. Scores of Roma remain on the streets of Montreuil thanks to the evictions of recent weeks.

October 16, 2010

Demo in support of evicted Roma, Montreuil, near Paris

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Yesterday, Friday 15th October, there was a demo in front of the town hall of Montreuil, east of Paris, in support of Roma who were evicted two weeks ago.

Since their eviction some of Roma have tried to squat empty buildings owned by the town hall, but they have been arrested and placed in custody.

October 13, 2010

Demo against repression in Brussels, 16/10/10

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In the wake of mass arrests and police torture during the Brussels No Border camp, a “collective of citizens” are demonstrating this Saturday, 16th October, at 3pm at the Porte de Hall in Brussels to demand freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate, and that those responsible for police actions during the camp are exposed.

October 10, 2010

Occupation of the Cité de l’Immigration, Paris

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Since 7th October, over 500 undocumented workers have occupied the Cité de l’Immigration (formerly the Musée des Colonies) in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. They are demanding that the accord made between the government and the CGT union on 18th June, which allowed for the regularisation of sans-papiers who can prove a recent work history, is put into action. So far out of the 1870 applications made only 58 have been accepted.

See a short video report (in French) here.

October 7, 2010

No Border camp in Brussels

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From 25th September – 3rd October there was a No Border camp in Brussels. Hundreds of people came from across Europe to attend demos and workshops and take direct action against Fortress Europe.

The camp started with a demo outside Steenokkerzeel detention centre near Brussels airport on the 26th. On the 2nd, there was march through the centre of Brussels demanding “No Borders, No Nations”.

There were also several actions against the agencies and companies that prop up Fortress Europe. A conference featuring Frontex, the Europe Border Agency, was blockaded, and the doors of the IOM (International Organisation of Migration) were glued shut. There were also actions against Sodexo, Serco and Steria.

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