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January 28, 2011

Activists blockade Merksplas detention centre this morning

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Some activists have started a blockade of the closed centre of Merksplas. More info to follow here. For updates see


January 21, 2011

Protest aboard Air France flight stops deportation

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When a group of activists from the Afrique-Europe-Interact network boarded a flight to Bamako yesterday (20/01/11) from Paris, they found themselves on the same plane as a man in shackles, accompanied by police, who was to be deported to Mali. Soon after departure, 17 passengers left their seats and refused to sit down in solidarity with the man who was showing resistance against the deportation (see short video clip here).

As a consequence of their joined action, the pilot returned to Charles-de-Gaulle airport, and had eight of the activists and other participating passengers arrested. Security officers attacked a man who had recorded the course of the events on his phone. According to Malian activists from Bamako, another attempt to force the deportation of that same man was also unsuccessful.

In this last week two other departures from Paris were delayed because of protests against deportations. Last Friday, passengers stood up against a deportation in a flight scheduled to Douala in Cameroon – four of them were removed from the plane and had their identities taken by the police. On Wednesday, several passengers refused to take their seats in an Royal Air Maroc flight, until the plane took off one and a half hours later without the two prisonerers that were to be deported.

January 12, 2011

Demonstrations against “LOPPSI 2” across France this Saturday

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The French government is set to adopt the “LOPPSI 2” law which will increase repression against migrants through increased police powers of surveillance, and further laws against squatting and “illegal” street vending. This Saturday 15th January there will be several demos against the adoption of this law. For more info (in French) see the website <<A Bas Loppsi>> (“Down with Loppsi”)

Air France office in Bordeaux occupied by sans-papier

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On Saturday 8th January, 30 people from the “Stop Expulsion” collective peacefully occupied at office of Air France in Bordeaux in protest at their participation in the deportation of migrants. Some made fake bookings at the desk, whilst others occupied the ticket machines, thus preventing the office from making any sales. Similar protests have hit Air France offices in Paris and Marsailles.

January 3, 2011

75 Haitiens arrested at Paris airports, 23rd-26th December

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According to Le Monde, a total of 75 Haitiens with visas for Benin were arrested at Orly airport (23/12/10) and Roissy airport (26/12/10) by the PAF (border police). 16 were released on 27/12/10 by a JLD (Judge of Liberty and Detention) but the rest were kept in detention.

Solidarity with detainees at Mesnil-Amelot, Paris

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On New Year’s Eve fireworks were launched from outside Mesnil-Amelot CRA (detention centre) near Paris in solidarity with the detainees. Detainees joined in with shouts of “LIBERTE”.

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