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November 7, 2011

Hunger strike at Steenokkerzeel detention cenre near Brussels

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Today, Monday 7th November, the 43 detainees of 127bis detenion centre at Steenokkerzeel near Brusseleas have begun a hunger strike. They state that they do not accept their imprisonment and their treatment as criminals. They demand their liberty and their dignity.


April 30, 2011

Activists blockade detention centre to try to stop charter to DRC

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On Thursday 28th April around 20 activists blocked the entrance to the 127 bis detention centre in Steenokkerzeel, near the main airport of Brussels. They were attempting to stop the deportation of 60 Congolese refugees on a charter flight to Kinshasa organised by the joint European border agency Frontex and “secured” by Belgian federal police.

The action began at 4.30 am when activists blocked the gates using lock-ons. The Congolese prisoners were due to be taken from the detention centre to a plane waiting at the Melsbroek military airport. More prisoners were being brought from four other countries, including the UK as well as Ireland, Holland and Sweden, to join the flight.

At around 9am the Belgian police cutting team managed to clear the blockade and the activists were arrested. Police closed off the area around the detention centre to prevent access to journalists who had arrived to cover the action. By midday the Congolese prisoners had been taken out of the detention centre by bus under a heavy police escort.

See videos of the protest here and here.

February 20, 2011

Fire at Steenokkerzeel detention centre, Brussels, 20/02/11

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Today, Sunday 20th February, that there was a fire in the detention centre 127bis at Steenokkerzeel near Brussels. All the detainees were evacuated and one escaped. The fire coincided with a solidarity demo which was taking place outside the centre. See a video report here.

February 18, 2011

Hunger strike at Steenokkerzeel detention centre near Brussels

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A hunger strike at Steenokkerzeel detention centre began on 16/02/11 in protest at the beating of an 18 year old Egyptian detainee by 4 guards.

Voix sans frontieres” (“Voices without borders”) have called for a solidarity demo this Sunay 20/02/11 at 4.30pm outside the centre.

January 28, 2011

Activists blockade Merksplas detention centre this morning

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Some activists have started a blockade of the closed centre of Merksplas. More info to follow here. For updates see

December 6, 2010

Demo at Vottem detention centre, 11/12/10

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Every Saturday CRAPCE (Collectif de Résistance Aux Centres Pour Etrangers / Collective of Resistance to Centres for Foreigners) have a demo outside Vottem detention centre near Liege. This Saturday, 11th December, they will be supported by Antifa, who are mobilising against attempts by the far-right group “Nation” in April and again in October to stop the demonstration.

Saturday’s demo will be followed by a benefit meal and concert raising money for telephone cards for the detainees.

October 13, 2010

Demo against repression in Brussels, 16/10/10

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In the wake of mass arrests and police torture during the Brussels No Border camp, a “collective of citizens” are demonstrating this Saturday, 16th October, at 3pm at the Porte de Hall in Brussels to demand freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate, and that those responsible for police actions during the camp are exposed.

October 7, 2010

No Border camp in Brussels

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From 25th September – 3rd October there was a No Border camp in Brussels. Hundreds of people came from across Europe to attend demos and workshops and take direct action against Fortress Europe.

The camp started with a demo outside Steenokkerzeel detention centre near Brussels airport on the 26th. On the 2nd, there was march through the centre of Brussels demanding “No Borders, No Nations”.

There were also several actions against the agencies and companies that prop up Fortress Europe. A conference featuring Frontex, the Europe Border Agency, was blockaded, and the doors of the IOM (International Organisation of Migration) were glued shut. There were also actions against Sodexo, Serco and Steria.

September 19, 2010

Demo against detention centres in Brussels, 26/09/10

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On Sunday 26th September, there will be a demo outside the detention centre at Steenokkerzeel near Brussels. The demo will be calling for the closure of the existing detention centre there, 127bis, and the new one being built, 127ter.

The demo is also in memory of Semira Adamou was killed on 22nd September 1998 during her deportation.

The demo marks the start of the No Border camp in Brussels which is a week long protest camp calling for an end to immigration controls.

Links: | Blockade of 127bis in April 2009 | Construction site of 127ter shut down 25/06/10

September 9, 2010

“One year already: we cannot wait for a decision” – demo in Brussels 17/09/10

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The Organisation of Sans-Papier (OSP) are calling for a demo on 17th September called “Already one year: we cannot wait for a decision”. in front of l’Office des Etrangers in Brussels. The demo falls on the first anniversary of the announcement by the Belgian government of a three month regularisation period, and is protesting against the failure of the government to give status to thousands who have been waiting a year for an answer.

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