TWENTYONEMILES: Migrant struggles and resistance in Belgium, France and Switzerland

January 12, 2011

Air France office in Bordeaux occupied by sans-papier

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On Saturday 8th January, 30 people from the “Stop Expulsion” collective peacefully occupied at office of Air France in Bordeaux in protest at their participation in the deportation of migrants. Some made fake bookings at the desk, whilst others occupied the ticket machines, thus preventing the office from making any sales. Similar protests have hit Air France offices in Paris and Marsailles.


November 22, 2010

Sans-papiers occupy the Centre of Public Finances, Paris

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At 2pm this afternoon, Monday 22nd November, as a continuation of the campaign “Stop the racket of undocumented workers’ contributions, stop fiscal injustice“, hundreds of workers without papers and their supporters (including Droits devant, Union SNUI-SUD Trésor Solidaires, and CSP 17e Saint Just) occupied the “le centre des Finances publiques de Paris” at 6 boulevard de Reims in the 17th arrondissement. Their aim is to force the Economy and Budget ministers to respond to two questihons that were first put to them at the end of October: firstly, why do you persist in wanting to penalise undocumented workers who are compelled to work in the black economy, and secondly, why does your government prefer people to work in the black economy rather than give them status? This is the fifth occupation of the campaign which begun in January.

November 4, 2010

Thirteen Roma occupy a church in south-east Paris

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According to Le Parisien newspaper, thirteen Roma, including two adolescents, have since 10am this morning (Thursday 4th November) occupied Saint-Nicolas church in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés. The group had been accommodated by the town hall since 3rd October in a prefab but needed to leave by tomorrow. The UMP mayor denounced a “coup of force” but said that he will await to hear from the church authorities before acting.

October 10, 2010

Occupation of the Cité de l’Immigration, Paris

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Since 7th October, over 500 undocumented workers have occupied the Cité de l’Immigration (formerly the Musée des Colonies) in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. They are demanding that the accord made between the government and the CGT union on 18th June, which allowed for the regularisation of sans-papiers who can prove a recent work history, is put into action. So far out of the 1870 applications made only 58 have been accepted.

See a short video report (in French) here.

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